by Will Crozier

Ambition certainly can be the enemy of gratitude. I feel increasingly grateful as the years pass me by. This year I feel especially grateful for the following:

A healthy body that does not distract from goals and enjoyment of this amazing life. What an unfair gift.

A fun, supportive, loving, and adventurous wife. The poor SOBs without this.

Freedoms beyond what I ever imagined possible. Can this actually be real?

An opened mind to living life differently, without the weight of expectations and limiting dogmas. (Forcefully opened by other people, not by myself) We all see nations, religions, politics, family and money punking other people. When we finally realize they are punking us too, our mind is freed.

Excellent friends. The best. The kind I learn from, appreciate, emulate, and let me into the inner workings of their lives. I strive to be worthy of our friendship, but usually fail as I’m too self absorbed 99% of the time.

Thank you all for sharing your gratitude as well. I very much enjoy reading the things that are making your lives rich and full!

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Thanksgiving 2018