By Will Crozier

Marthena Mercier

In the year 2008, Musee Mary Quinto started purchasing overrun dresses from clothing factories for a very low price. She customize, redecorate, and then sell these items on a markup price. This was her creative yet unique method to generate profit and reducing the amount of clothing rejects disposed by these factories. After several years in operation, she decided to discontinue this business to look for better business opportunities.Musee went to Dubai to work as a sales associate; and there she witness the discrimination and unfair treatment on costumers based on their appearance. This realization made her turn around from being an OFW and went back to the Philippines to start a business of her own.It was year 2012 when she went back to the Philippines and started Marthena Mercier, a clothing business named after her daughter. According to Musee, her mission on this business is toempower women and give hope to those people who think there is no hope in this world. Especially that some of her great employees were single mom.

At the very unexpected point of its operation, the Angel Capitalist found Marthena Mercier and immediately see it’s potential for huge growth, despite lacking resources and people to help pull itself up and make a big step forward. The good news is, there is an existing demand for the product- it’s just that they didn’t have the ability to supply it. The customers keep on asking them if they have new designs but due to lack of resources, they can’t accommodate their customers’ demands.Angel Capitalist have helped Marthena Mercier by providing additional capital for its expansion plans; purchasing additional machines, fabrics, and other necessary materials for a faster and more efficient production.

Up to this day, Marthena Mercier has 8 social media managers , 4 highly-skilled seamstresses, 3 people for packaging and distribution, and has a national e-commerce of 150,000+ active followers on social media.

Marthena Mercier
Angel Investment in Rizal Philippines based Dress Business