by angelcap2018

While I maintain that the USA is the best country on Earth, I hope that we can always strive to be the land of the free. On this trip I observed many freedoms that we (mostly) do not have in the USA, all without a breakdown in peace, safety, and in many cases improving both:

Roads with no speed limits
Fully legal marijuana cafes
Citizens free from the burden of a Federal Income Tax
Fully legal drug use
Women with the full right to show or market their own bodies as they choose
Freedom from income/gains reporting, and multiple tax jurisdictions.
Vastly more banking freedoms
Gut and roast a pig in your backyard
Fish without a license
Display religious/cultural symbols in public places
I have no use for several of the above, I even dislike a lot of them. However, whenever people try to diminish my 1st or 2nd amendment rights (or any other…) I vow to not trample others’ rights just because I personally find them displeasing.
-Will Crozier, an American, a citizen of the Land of the Free, and home of the brave.

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