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The fastest, simplest, most proven way I know to go from $1000 net worth to $1,000,000

Year 1- Wholesale 5 houses
Money required: $1,000. Get it from savings, borrow from Mom, or message me with verifiable hardships and I’ll send it to you if I’m convinced you need it.
Devour online info about wholesaling from YouTube, FB Real Estate Groups, or Propelio Academy. All of these are free.
Join a free local real estate investor (REI) group. Before your first meetup have a panic attack, wonder why you are doing this to yourself, come to terms that you too are one of these cheesy RE networking people.
Actually go to REI meeting. You’ll see later why this is the most important step.
If you are shy, show up with your best Matthew McConaughey impression and shake 10 stranger’s hands. Exchange contacts. Tell them you are a wholesaler.
Wholesale 5 deals within 12 months. Uncomfortable? Yup. Nerve Wracking? Yup. Worth it? Yup.
Alright Alright Alright! You just turned $1,000 into $25,000. ($5k profit on each wholesale deal times 5 deals)

Year 2- Flip 5 houses
Awesome. You now have a great starter network, $25k in pocket, and a bit more confidence.
Educate yourself about flips, go right back to YouTube, FB Real Estate Groups, and Propelio Academy.
Swagger your ass back into your REI group. Meet 50 strangers. Brag about all your successes and announce that you are a flipper.
Flip 5 houses within 12 months. Use your $25k and hard / private money from your REI to get this done.
Learn all types of new things like evictions, slab leaks, and every Home Depot cashier’s name within 30 days.
Holy Shit. In 24 months you went from a broke ass to having a higher net worth than 97% of the world’s population. 5 houses x $25k each = $125k + $25k from Year 1 = $150k

Life Hack Tip #1!! You have the option to quit now, rent a private jet and girls for a photo shoot and become a real estate Guru. For real money and to retain a little self esteem, continue to Year 3.

Year 3- Flip one 100 Unit Apartment Complex
You’re a bit confused at this point, feeling like you just started, but get treated like a boss because you actually got off your ass and did something.
Binge-learn everything you can about value add multifamily apartment investing. Meet with the multifamily investors you’ve met in your RE group, check out Propelio Academy, and join MF social media groups. The info is all there just by asking.
Walk-on-water into your REI Group. Announce that you will choose 13 lucky investors and allow them to invest $100k each into your deal. Piss off the other 50 people who wanted in but there wasn’t room. (Not exaggerating)
Promise preferential treatment in your future deals to one or two of your baller investors so they’ll guarantee the bank loan with you. (basically co-sign)
Buy $5MM apartment building. Invest $500k into improving it. Raise rents $155/month.
Sell Apartments for $8MM or 187% gain. Get your negotiated 25% of the investors’ profit for putting the deal together = $575k + your own money back $150k + the gain on your $150k investment of $280k= $1,005,000. Congrats. $1K to $1MM in 3 years.

None of the above are easy, but all of the above are simple. ANYBODY can do this, yet very few do. “Year 3” focuses on apartments, but these financial principles apply to any kind of asset that works off of cap rates or multipliers such as self storage buildings, hotels, or tree trimming / cupcake bakery / app development businesses.
Please take note that your networking and REI groups give you EVERYTHING: They allow you to find investors to invest $1.3MM in your apartment deal because they’ve known you for a few years, watched your growth and witnessed your results in smaller deals. You can find Guarantors to cosign your big bank loans because you have shared trust within your community, they have fundamental faith in real estate, and understand the risks that they are taking on as you all speak the “same language”. Finally, the biggest payout from the example apartment deal is from leveraging your investor’s money: $575k vs $280k on your own money. Business is a team sport. Fill out your roster ASAP.

Years 4 thru 6 are a lot more fun if you want to take your fresh $1MM and turn it into $10MM+, but that’s for another day.

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